Where To Put Bleach In Kenmore Front Load Washer – Answer

When it comes to cleaning your Kenmore front load washer, bleach is an important part of the process. Bleach helps to kill bacteria and keep your washer clean and fresh. It is important to know where to put the bleach in your Kenmore front load washer in order to get the most out of it. The bleach should be placed in the bleach dispenser, which is located in the front of the washer. This dispenser should be filled with the appropriate amount of bleach, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the bleach is in the dispenser, it will be automatically released during the wash cycle. This will ensure that the bleach is evenly distributed throughout the wash cycle and that your clothes come out clean and fresh.

Where To Put Bleach In Kenmore Front Load Washer

Kenmore front load washers are designed to use bleach in order to keep your washer clean and running smoothly. Bleach can be added directly to the washer drum or to the bleach dispenser. If you choose to add bleach directly to the drum, use 1/4 cup of bleach for a standard size load and add it before you start the cycle. If you choose to use the bleach dispenser, simply fill the dispenser with bleach and start the cycle. Make sure to use cold water when adding bleach to the washer, as hot water can cause the bleach to break down too quickly.

Where To Put Bleach In Kenmore Front Load Washer

1. Start by adding the bleach to the bleach dispenser. This is usually located on the top of the washer.

2. Select the desired cycle and start the washer.

3. When the washer is about halfway through the cycle, add the bleach.

4. Allow the washer to finish the cycle.

5. Once the cycle is complete, open the washer and remove any remaining bleach residue.

In conclusion, bleach should be added to the bleach dispenser in a Kenmore front load washer. It is important to make sure that the bleach is not added directly to the drum of the washer, as this can cause damage to the washer and may lead to poor cleaning results. Adding bleach to the bleach dispenser will ensure that the bleach is properly dispensed during the wash cycle and will help to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh.