What Does Drn Mean On Maytag Washer – Answer

DRN stands for Diagnostic/Repair Network and is a feature found on some Maytag washers. This feature allows the washer to communicate with a technician when a problem is detected and provide detailed diagnostic information. This helps the technician quickly identify and resolve the issue, reducing the amount of time needed to diagnose and repair the washer.


What Does Drn Mean On Maytag Washer

DRN stands for Diagnostic/Repair Notification, which is a code that appears on some Maytag washers when a problem is detected.


What Does Drn Mean On Maytag Washer

1. Determine the model number of the Maytag washer.

2. Locate the user manual for the specific model of the Maytag washer.

3. Look for the section in the user manual that explains the error codes.

4. Find the definition for the error code “DRN”.

5. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual to address the issue indicated by the error code.

In conclusion, DRN on a Maytag washer is a diagnostic code that stands for “Drain Motor Not Running”. This code indicates that the drain motor is not running properly and needs to be checked and possibly replaced. This code can be cleared by resetting the washer, but it is important to identify and fix the underlying issue to prevent further damage to the washer.