What Does Cl Mean On Maytag Washer – Answer

CL on a Maytag washer is an error code that indicates a communication failure between the main control board and the motor control board. This error code can be caused by a faulty wiring connection, a defective motor control board, or a defective main control board. If the CL error code appears, it is important to troubleshoot the issue to determine the cause and resolve the problem.

What Does Cl Mean On Maytag Washer

CL stands for “Child Lock” on Maytag washers. It is a feature that allows you to lock the buttons on the washer so that children cannot change the settings.

What Does Cl Mean On Maytag Washer

1. Check the owner’s manual for your Maytag washer to see if it has a specific definition for the acronym CL.

2. If the manual doesn’t provide a specific definition, CL may stand for “clean lint,” which is a reminder to clean the lint filter of your washer.

3. Open the lint filter door, located on the top or side of the washer, and remove the lint filter.

4. Empty the lint filter of any debris, such as lint, pet hair, and other small particles.

5. Rinse the lint filter with warm water and a soft cloth.

6. Allow the lint filter to dry completely before replacing it in the washer.

7. Close the lint filter door and resume your laundry cycle.

The “CL” on a Maytag washer indicates that the washer is in the Clean Washer cycle. This cycle is designed to help keep the washer clean by running a hot water cycle with a special cleaning solution. This cycle should be used periodically to help keep the washer in good condition and free of any odors or build-up.