What Does 5D Mean On Maytag Washer – Answer

The 5D setting on a Maytag washer is a cycle that is designed to provide an extra-deep clean for heavily soiled items. This cycle uses a combination of increased water levels, extended wash time, and higher temperatures to ensure that even the dirtiest clothes come out clean. The 5D setting is ideal for items such as work uniforms, sports gear, or any other clothing that may have a lot of ground-in dirt. By using this setting, you can be sure that your clothes will come out looking and smelling their best.

What Does 5D Mean On Maytag Washer

5D on a Maytag washer indicates that the washer has a five-drum design. This design is meant to provide a more efficient wash cycle, allowing for better cleaning and less wear and tear on clothes.

What Does 5D Mean On Maytag Washer

1. Check the owner’s manual for your Maytag washer to determine if it has a 5D cycle.

2. If it does, the 5D cycle is a deep clean cycle that uses a combination of hot water, detergent, and a longer wash time to clean heavily soiled items.

3. Make sure to add the appropriate amount of detergent to the washer before starting the 5D cycle.

4. Select the 5D cycle and press the start button to begin the cycle.

5. When the cycle is finished, remove the items from the washer and dry them as desired.

The 5d setting on a Maytag washer indicates that the washer is set to a deep water fill cycle, which will fill the washer with more water than the standard fill cycle. This setting is designed to ensure that all of the clothes in the washer are thoroughly saturated with water and detergent, resulting in a more thorough cleaning.