Kenmore Washer 110.298228 Won’T Agitate

Title: Kenmore Washer 110.298228 Won’t Agitate

Hey there! Have you ever experienced the frustration of a washing machine that refuses to agitate? It can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re counting on it to clean your clothes effectively. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the common causes behind the agitator malfunction in the Kenmore Washer 110.298228 and explore some troubleshooting tips to get your machine back to its agitating glory. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

1. Understanding the Agitator Functionality

Before we delve into the troubleshooting process, let’s take a moment to understand how the agitator works in a washing machine. The agitator is the central component responsible for creating the necessary motion to clean your clothes. It moves back and forth, creating a swirling action that helps to remove dirt and stains effectively.

2. Power Supply and Connection Issues

One of the most common reasons for a Kenmore Washer 110.298228 not agitating is a power supply or connection problem. Check if the machine is properly plugged in and that there are no loose connections. Sometimes, a power surge or a tripped circuit breaker can disrupt the agitator’s functioning. Ensure that there is a stable power supply to the washer.

3. Faulty Drive Belt

If the power supply is not the issue, it’s time to inspect the drive belt. The drive belt connects the motor to the agitator, enabling it to rotate. Over time, the belt may become worn out or stretched, leading to a lack of agitation. Inspect the belt for any signs of damage, such as cracks or fraying. If you notice any issues, it’s time to replace the drive belt.

4. Broken Agitator Dogs

The agitator dogs are small plastic components that engage with the agitator’s cogs, allowing it to move in one direction and lock in the other. If these dogs become worn or broken, the agitator may not agitate properly. To check if the agitator dogs are the culprit, remove the agitator cap and inspect them. If they are damaged, it’s time to replace them.

5. Malfunctioning Agitator Cam

The agitator cam is another crucial component that facilitates the back-and-forth motion of the agitator. If the cam is broken or worn out, the agitator may not function as intended. Inspect the agitator cam for any signs of damage. If necessary, replace it to restore proper agitating action.

6. Clogged or Faulty Water Inlet Valve

A clogged or faulty water inlet valve can also hinder the agitator’s performance. The water inlet valve controls the flow of water into the washing machine. If it’s clogged with debris or if it’s faulty, the agitator may not receive enough water to create the necessary motion. Clean or replace the water inlet valve to ensure proper water flow.

7. Overloaded Machine

Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the correct one. Overloading the washing machine with excessive clothes can prevent the agitator from functioning correctly. The weight of the clothes can hinder the agitator’s movement, leading to a lack of agitation. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding load capacity to avoid this issue.

8. Control Board Malfunction

In some cases, a malfunctioning control board can be the root cause of the agitator not working in your Kenmore Washer 110.298228. The control board is responsible for coordinating the various functions of the machine, including the agitator. If the control board is faulty, it may not send the necessary signals to engage the agitator. Consider consulting a professional to diagnose and repair the control board if needed.


There you have it! We’ve explored some of the common causes behind a Kenmore Washer 110.298228 that won’t agitate. From power supply issues to broken agitator components, there are several potential culprits to consider. By following the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your washing machine’s agitating functionality. Remember, if you’re unsure about any repairs, it’s always best to consult a professional. Happy washing!