Kenmore Washer 110.2513241 Is Making Loud Noise

Title: Kenmore Washer 110.2513241 Is Making Loud Noise

Is your Kenmore Washer 110.2513241 suddenly making a loud noise that’s disrupting your laundry routine? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many Kenmore washer owners have experienced this issue, and in this article, we’ll explore the possible causes and solutions for this noisy problem. So, let’s dive in and get your washer back to its quiet and efficient self!

Understanding the Kenmore Washer 110.2513241:

Before we delve into the reasons behind the loud noise, let’s familiarize ourselves with the Kenmore Washer 110.2513241. This model is known for its durability and reliability, but like any other appliance, it can encounter issues over time. The noise problem is one such issue that often arises due to various factors.

1. Unbalanced Load: The Culprit Behind the Noise?

One common cause of a loud noise in the Kenmore Washer 110.2513241 is an unbalanced load. When the laundry inside the drum is not distributed evenly, it can throw the washer off balance, resulting in excessive noise during the spin cycle. To avoid this, make sure to distribute the clothes evenly in the drum before starting the wash.

2. Loose or Damaged Drum Components:

Another possible cause of the noise is loose or damaged drum components. Over time, the drum’s internal parts, such as the bearings, shocks, or springs, can wear out or become loose. This can lead to a rattling or banging noise during operation. If this is the case, it’s best to have a professional technician inspect and repair the washer.

3. Worn Out Drive Belt:

A worn-out drive belt can also be the culprit behind the loud noise. The drive belt is responsible for transferring power from the motor to the drum. If it becomes worn or damaged, it may start slipping or making a squealing noise. In such cases, replacing the drive belt can solve the problem and restore the washer’s quiet operation.

4. Faulty Motor:

In some instances, a faulty motor can be the reason for the loud noise in your Kenmore Washer 110.2513241. If the motor’s bearings are worn out or the motor itself is malfunctioning, it can produce a grinding or screeching sound during operation. In such cases, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance to diagnose and repair the motor issue.

5. Clogged Drain Pump:

A clogged drain pump can also contribute to a noisy washer. When debris or foreign objects get trapped in the drain pump, it can cause the pump to strain, resulting in a loud noise. Regularly cleaning the drain pump and removing any obstructions can help prevent this issue and ensure smooth and quiet operation.

6. Damaged Shock Absorbers:

Shock absorbers play a crucial role in stabilizing the drum during the wash and spin cycles. If the shock absorbers become damaged or worn out, they may not effectively dampen the vibrations, leading to a noisy washer. Replacing the shock absorbers can help eliminate the noise and restore the washer’s stability.


Dealing with a loud Kenmore Washer 110.2513241 can be frustrating, but with the right understanding and troubleshooting, you can resolve the issue and enjoy a peaceful laundry experience once again. Remember to check for an unbalanced load, inspect drum components, examine the drive belt, and consider the motor, drain pump, and shock absorbers as potential culprits. If you’re unsure about any repairs, it’s always best to consult a professional technician to ensure a proper diagnosis and resolution. By addressing the noise problem promptly, you’ll be able to prolong the lifespan of your washer and maintain its optimal performance for years to come. Happy washing!