How To Use Steam Fresh On Lg Dryer – Guide

Welcome to the world of LG SteamFresh! This innovative technology allows you to quickly freshen up your clothes in as little as 20 minutes. With LG SteamFresh, you can reduce wrinkles, odors, and static cling, while also saving time and energy. Here’s how to use LG SteamFresh on your LG dryer:


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How To Use Steam Fresh On Lg Dryer

1. Place the clothes in the dryer.

2. Select the SteamFresh cycle on the dryer.

3. Select the desired temperature and time.

4. Press the start button.

5. When the cycle is complete, remove the clothes and hang them up or fold them.

6. To reduce wrinkles, lightly press the clothes with a cool iron.


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How To Use Steam Fresh On Lg Dryer

The LG SteamFresh dryer is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their drying time and keep their clothes looking fresh. With the SteamFresh setting, you can reduce drying time by up to 40%, while also reducing wrinkles and odors. To use the SteamFresh setting, simply select the setting on the dryer’s control panel, set the temperature and time, and press start. The LG SteamFresh dryer is an easy and efficient way to keep your clothes looking and smelling great.