How To Turn Off Gaggenau Refrigerator Alarm – Guide

If you have a Gaggenau refrigerator, you may have noticed the alarm going off from time to time. This alarm is designed to alert you if the temperature inside the refrigerator is too high or too low. Fortunately, it is easy to turn off the alarm. Here’s how to do it:

1. Locate the control panel on the refrigerator. It should be located on the top of the refrigerator door.

2. Press the “Alarm” button. This will stop the alarm from sounding.

3. Adjust the temperature setting. The temperature setting should be adjusted to the desired level.

4. Press the “OK” button. This will save the new temperature setting and turn off the alarm.

How To Turn Off Gaggenau Refrigerator Alarm

To turn off the alarm on a Gaggenau refrigerator, first locate the alarm switch on the back of the refrigerator. The switch is usually located near the top of the refrigerator. Once the switch is located, press and hold it for three seconds until the alarm stops. The alarm will now be off and the refrigerator will remain silent. If the alarm does not stop after pressing the switch, check the power supply to the refrigerator to make sure it is connected and functioning properly. If the power supply is functioning properly, contact a Gaggenau service technician for assistance.

How To Turn Off Gaggenau Refrigerator Alarm

1. Locate the alarm switch on the front of the refrigerator. It is usually located on the upper left side of the door.

2. Push the switch to the off position.

3. The alarm should now be silenced.

To turn off the Gaggenau refrigerator alarm, press and hold the alarm button for 3 seconds. This will stop the alarm from sounding and allow you to continue using the refrigerator as normal. If the alarm continues to sound, check the temperature settings to ensure that the refrigerator is not too cold or too warm. If the alarm persists, contact a Gaggenau technician for further assistance.