How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Kenmore Dryer

If you have a Kenmore dryer that is equipped with an Eco Mode, you may be wondering how to turn it off. Eco Mode is a feature that helps conserve energy by running the dryer at a lower temperature and for a shorter time. It can be a great way to save energy and money, but sometimes you may want to turn it off. This guide will explain how to turn off Eco Mode on your Kenmore dryer.

First, locate the control panel on the front of your dryer. The control panel will have several buttons and knobs, including one labeled “Eco Mode”. Press this button to turn off the Eco Mode. If you have a newer model of Kenmore dryer, you may also have the option to turn off Eco Mode from the settings menu. To access the settings menu, press and hold the “Settings” button until the menu appears.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Kenmore Dryer

To turn off Eco Mode on a Kenmore dryer, first press the Eco Mode button to turn it off. Then press the Start/Pause button to begin the cycle. The dryer will now run with the default settings. To change the settings, press the Timed Dry button and select the desired cycle. The Eco Mode will remain off until it is manually turned on again.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Kenmore Dryer

1. Open the dryer door and locate the Eco Mode button.

2. Press and hold the Eco Mode button for three seconds until the light turns off.

3. Close the dryer door and select the desired drying cycle.

4. Press the Start button to begin the drying cycle.

In conclusion, turning off eco mode on a Kenmore dryer is a simple process. All you need to do is press and hold the Eco button for 3 seconds. This will turn off the eco mode and allow you to select the desired drying cycle. It is important to remember that eco mode is designed to save energy and should only be turned off when necessary.