How To Level A Maytag Refrigerator – Guide

If your Maytag refrigerator is not level, it can cause problems with the cooling system and the door seals. Fortunately, it is easy to level your Maytag refrigerator. All you need is a level and a few simple tools. This guide will walk you through the steps for leveling your Maytag refrigerator.

First, you will need to locate the adjustable feet on the bottom of the refrigerator. The feet are usually located at the four corners of the refrigerator, and they are adjustable by turning them clockwise or counterclockwise.

Next, you will need to place a level on the top of the refrigerator. Make sure the bubble is centered in the level. If it is not, you will need to adjust the feet until the bubble is centered.


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How To Level A Maytag Refrigerator?

1. Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.
2. Place a level on top of the refrigerator.
3. Adjust the leveling legs on the bottom of the refrigerator until the level reads level.
4. Plug the refrigerator back into the wall outlet.


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How To Level A Maytag Refrigerator?

In conclusion, leveling a Maytag refrigerator is a relatively simple process that requires a few basic tools and a bit of patience. First, make sure the refrigerator is empty and unplugged. Then, use a level and a wrench to adjust the leveling legs until the refrigerator is level. Finally, plug the refrigerator back in and enjoy the improved performance and efficiency of your appliance.


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