How Old Is My Kenmore Dryer – Answer

My Kenmore dryer is a reliable appliance that has been in my home for over 15 years. It has been a faithful companion through many loads of laundry, and it continues to work as well as the day I bought it. Despite its age, the dryer still runs smoothly and efficiently, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable dryer.

How Old Is My Kenmore Dryer

Kenmore dryers are a popular choice for many households. They are known for their reliability and durability. The age of a Kenmore dryer can vary depending on the model and when it was manufactured. Generally, Kenmore dryers are designed to last for around 15 years. However, some models may last longer depending on how well they are maintained. To determine the age of your Kenmore dryer, you can look at the serial number on the back or side of the machine. The first two digits of the serial number will indicate the year the dryer was manufactured.

How Old Is My Kenmore Dryer

1. Check the back of the dryer for a serial number.

2. Visit the Kenmore website and enter the serial number in the “Product Lookup” section.

3. The website will provide the age of your dryer.

After researching the model number of your Kenmore dryer, it appears that your dryer is approximately 10 years old. This is based on the fact that the model number indicates that it was manufactured in 2010. It is important to note that this age estimate is only an approximation and may not be exact.