How Do I Turn Off Forced Defrost On Sub Zero Refrigerator

If you own a Sub Zero refrigerator, you may be wondering how to turn off the forced defrost feature. Forced defrost is a feature that is designed to help keep your refrigerator running efficiently by removing any ice buildup that may occur in the coils. This feature can be a great help, but it can also be a nuisance if it is running too often. Fortunately, it is easy to turn off the forced defrost feature on your Sub Zero refrigerator. In this article, we will explain how to do this quickly and easily.

How Do I Turn Off Forced Defrost On Sub Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero refrigerators come with a feature called Forced Defrost, which helps to keep the refrigerator running smoothly by defrosting it periodically. However, if you prefer to manually defrost your refrigerator, you can turn off Forced Defrost. To do this, you need to locate the Forced Defrost switch inside the refrigerator. Depending on the model, this switch may be located behind the control panel, on the back wall, or near the condenser coils. Once you have located the switch, simply turn it off and your refrigerator will no longer enter Forced Defrost mode.

How Do I Turn Off Forced Defrost On Sub Zero Refrigerator

1. Locate the control panel on the inside of the refrigerator.

2. Press the “Options” button until the “Defrost” option appears on the display.

3. Press the “Up” or “Down” arrow to select the “Off” option.

4. Press the “Options” button again to save the setting.

5. Close the refrigerator door and the forced defrost mode will be disabled.

Turning off forced defrost on a Sub-Zero refrigerator is a simple process that can be done in a few steps. With the help of the refrigerator’s control panel, you can easily adjust the settings to turn off the forced defrost function. This will help to save energy and keep your refrigerator running efficiently. It is important to remember to check the settings regularly to ensure that the refrigerator is running optimally.