Amana Washer Nfw7200Tw10 Vibrating Or Shaking

Title: Amana Washer Nfw7200Tw10 Vibrating Or Shaking

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your Amana washer Nfw7200Tw10 vibrating or shaking during a laundry cycle? It can be quite unsettling, not to mention the potential damage it can cause to your appliance and surrounding area. But fear not! In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this issue and provide you with some practical solutions to help fix it. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding the Problem:

1. The Importance of Balance

To comprehend why your Amana washer Nfw7200Tw10 is vibrating or shaking, we need to understand the significance of balance in a washing machine. When your washer is in operation, it goes through different cycles that involve spinning, agitating, and draining. To ensure smooth and efficient operation, it is crucial for the machine to maintain balance throughout these cycles.

2. Common Causes of Vibrations

There are several reasons why your Amana washer may be vibrating or shaking:

a. Uneven Load Distribution

Imagine a group of people trying to balance on a seesaw. If everyone is evenly distributed, the seesaw remains stable. However, if the weight is unevenly distributed, the seesaw becomes unbalanced, causing it to shake or tip. Similarly, if your laundry load is not evenly distributed inside the washer drum, it can lead to vibrations.

b. Leveling Issues

Just like a wobbly table, a washing machine that is not properly leveled can cause vibrations during operation. If the washer is not sitting on a level surface or if its legs are not adjusted correctly, it can result in an unstable machine.

c. Damaged or Worn Out Parts

Over time, certain components of your washing machine, such as the drum bearings or suspension springs, may wear out or become damaged. This can lead to imbalances and vibrations during the wash cycle.

d. Excessive Laundry Load

Stuffing your washer with too many clothes can put additional strain on the machine, causing it to vibrate or shake. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity to avoid overloading your washer.

Solutions to Fix the Vibrations:

1. Load Distribution

To ensure even load distribution and minimize vibrations:

a. Separate heavy and light items

When loading your washer, try to separate heavy items (like jeans or towels) from lighter ones (like t-shirts or underwear). This will help distribute the weight more evenly, reducing the chances of vibrations.

b. Arrange clothes around the drum

Place the clothes around the drum in a balanced manner. Avoid clumping them together in one area, as this can create an imbalance during the wash cycle.

2. Leveling the Washer

To address leveling issues:

a. Check the machine’s placement

Ensure that your Amana washer is placed on a level surface. Use a spirit level to verify if the machine is sitting evenly. If not, adjust the machine’s feet until it is level.

b. Adjust the feet

Most washing machines have adjustable feet to compensate for uneven surfaces. Use a wrench or pliers to adjust the feet until the machine is stable and level.

3. Inspecting and Replacing Parts

If you suspect that damaged or worn-out parts are causing the vibrations:

a. Inspect the drum bearings

Faulty drum bearings can cause excessive vibrations. If you notice any signs of damage or hear unusual noises coming from the machine, it may be time to replace the bearings.

b. Check the suspension springs

Suspension springs play a crucial role in stabilizing the drum during operation. If they are damaged or worn out, they can lead to vibrations. Inspect the springs and replace them if necessary.

4. Managing Laundry Load

To prevent overloading your washer:

a. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

Refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for the recommended load capacity of your Amana washer Nfw7200Tw10. Avoid exceeding this limit to maintain optimal performance.

b. Divide large loads

If you have a large amount of laundry to wash, consider dividing it into smaller loads. This will prevent overloading and reduce the chances of vibrations.


Dealing with a vibrating or shaking Amana washer Nfw7200Tw10 can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge and solutions, you can restore balance to your laundry routine. By ensuring proper load distribution, leveling the washer, inspecting and replacing damaged parts, and managing your laundry load, you can minimize vibrations and enjoy a smoother washing experience. Remember, a balanced washer leads to cleaner clothes and a happier you!